2013 Fall/2014 Winter Interns

OtherHalf welcomes two interns at our Toronto location to help out multiple new and on-going projects throughout the ongoing school year. From September 2013 until June of 2014, these individuals complete a wide range of tasks to support all that we do!

Helen Ren

Helen (left in photo) is a current student at Ryerson who first became involved with OtherHalf through volunteering. After coming out to a couple of events, she was ready to commit even further. Joining both the Brand Ambassador and the Internship program, she has dedicated most of her spare time to helping OtherHalf’s cause in spreading awareness and recruitment. Helen’s grasp on social media and communications helps outreach across a multitude of platforms.

Lucy Zhang

Lucy (right in photo) is studying at University of Toronto this year and has taken on a renewed internship from OtherHalf. After volunteering during the Summer of Saving Lives, she has returned for the full school year. Lucy’s talent in graphic arts and creativity are the driving force behind OtherHalf’s promotions and campaign posters, geared to help attract your attention to patients in need!

We are looking forward to a very successful year!