Brand Ambassadors (2014 – 2015)

Meet our Brand Ambassadors for 2014-2015! These are a group of seven dedicated University Students across 5 University campuses in Ontario. Many have volunteered with OtherHalf during our 2014 Summer of Saving Lives campaign. They are highly passionate and dedicated in raising awareness at their campus and running stem cell drives to recruit more potential donors. We’re excited to see what they have planned for the academic year!


Avery Loi – University of Western Ontario

Avery is a Medical Science student in his third year at University of Western Ontario. While he is new to the cause, he became passionate about recruiting more stem cell donors when he learned about the underrepresentation of Chinese in the global stem cell donor registry. He will be partnering with another student at Western, Michael Ding in running stem cell drives and awareness campaigns on campus. He hopes to further promote the cause and generate sustained support at the Western campus through their new charter!

michael crop

Michael Ding – University of Western Ontario

Michael is a second year Computer Science student studying at University of Western Ontario. He is a firm believer in helping out the community and charitable causes. He sees joining OtherHalf as a Brand Ambassador as an opportunity to use his skills and abilities to help out the Chinese Canadian Community and the global community in turn as well. “I’m looking forward to all the amazing events I will be organizing and the new people I get to meet and most of all feeling good that I’m contributing to a good cause. Hope to see you at our events!”


Caleb Siu – University of Toronto (Mississauga Campus)

Caleb is a third year student at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) Campus. He is currently studying Communication, Culture and IT as well as Sociology. He first joined OtherHalf as a Brand Ambassador for the 2013-2014 academic year. Passionate about the cause, Caleb decided to join the Brand Ambassador program for a second year. Welcome back, Caleb and looking forward to your new achievements in promoting the cause at UTM once again this year!


Gloria Li – University of Toronto (St. George. Campus)

Gloria is a second year Commerce student at the University of Toronto St. George (UTSG) campus. She first joined OtherHalf as a Brand Ambassador for the 2013-2014 academic year. Now, she wishes to use her past experience to once again further the cause on campus. Gloria will be working alongside Michelle Chia, another student ambassador from UTSG in planning campus drives and awareness campaigns on campus. Looking forward to another great year with you, Gloria!


Michelle Chia – University of Toronto (St. George Campus)

Michelle is a first year Employment Relations and Law student at the University of Toronto St George Campus. She began volunteering with OtherHalf during the 2014 Summer of Saving Lives campaign. Michelle is a strong recruiter of potential stem cell donors and looks forward to using these skills as a new Brand Ambassador. Welcome to the team, Michelle!

Lok-Hin Yuen – University of Waterloo

Lok-Hin is a fourth year Biomedical Science student at the University of Waterloo. He has been a long time supporter of OtherHalf, having been a Brand Ambassador from 2013-2014 and joining us during our Summer of Saving Lives campaign. He initiated the OtherHalf Chapter at UWaterloo and has several awareness and fundraising campaigns lined up for the school year. We are excited to have him join the team once again!


David Liang – McMaster University
David is a fourth year Science student at McMaster University in Hamilton. He has been a long-time volunteer with OtherHalf and OneMatch, and has participated in a number of stem cell drives at the McMaster campus. As a volunteer, he felt empowered by making a difference and spreading awareness about the cause. As such, he decided to become more involved with OtherHalf by joining the Brand Ambassador program to motivate other students on campus to do what it takes to help save more lives!