Brand Ambassadors (2013 – 2014)

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Thank you to everyone who volunteered to be part of our Brand Ambassadors program for the school year of 2013 – 2014. We have chosen some wonderful candidates that each shows potential, passion, and drive. Let us introduce our first ever OtherHalf Brand Ambassador team!


Andy Wang (Co-Lead; University of Toronto – Mississauga: graduate)

Andy “The Thickest Skin” Wang started off volunteering for OtherHalf in 2012 and has since shown remarkable dedication and leadership. He was awarded the “Thickest Skin” award at our 2013 summer volunteer appreciation dinner for the persistent and positive attitude he demonstrated, especially when encountering (and of course overcoming!) recruiting obstacles.

And that’s what makes him a perfect Co-Lead for the first year of our new Brand Ambassador program!

“I am motivated, passionate about the cause, and I really like to help people!”

Akshita Malik (Co-Lead; University of Waterloo)

Akshita has climbed every step of the OtherHalf ladder; she has volunteered countless hours to OtherHalf’s cause and recently completed a summer internship with us.

But, it doesn’t end with just OtherHalf – Akshita has dedicated her time to countless programs such as 758 Argus Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron, DECA, and multiple academic programs. Her excellent leadership and communication skills in combination with the experience she brings made it impossible to turn her down for the role of co-lead for our new and exciting program.

Annie Lee (Queen’s University)

Annie, having already volunteered with multiple associations (even being an ambassador!), brings forth her experience and passion. When asked what motivated her to join, she responded with:

“My friend and I would like to establish a club in our university by fundraising for OtherHalf and educating people with the knowledge of the need for stem cell donors and the stem cell collection process”

She is currently in her second year of bio-medical computing.

Renee Xu (Queen’s University)

Renee is a previous OtherHalf volunteer from our Mississauga drive back in March 2012, so she is familiar with our recruiting process! Aside from that, Renee is also personally involved with the cause:

“As a registered donor myself, I am quite surprised by the compelling reactions of most Chinese people when it comes to stem cell/bone marrow donations, I want to help OtherHalf educate these potential donors in order for them to overcome the psychological barriers and misunderstandings, and to make a difference in other people’s lives.”

Helen Ren (Ryerson University)

Helen is a third year Criminal Justice student at Ryerson University, looking to be as involved with OtherHalf as possible. She has volunteered at two events over the past summer, and here’s what she has to say about her experience:

“Volunteering for OtherHalf gave me a sense of purpose, and I want to spread awareness in my school/community in order to help OtherHalf achieve its goals!”

Andrew Leung (University of Toronto – Scarborough: PhD student)

Andrew is in the second year of earning his PhD in environmental science. Andrew has been a long-time volunteer for OtherHalf since its very first event, showing dedication to the cause. If you’re looking for even more reasons as to why Andrew was meant for this program, this is what he has to say about why he’ll make a great Ambassador!

“I am passionate about the cause and I have experience in all areas related to a recruitment drive. I have a deep understanding of the university demographics and have the connections needed to further advocate the cause.”

Caleb Siu (University of Toronto – Mississauga)

Caleb is in his second year of Communication Culture and Information Technology, bringing his excellent work ethic, and extensive social networking skills to help our cause. On top of his substantial volunteer experience and multiple honours, Caleb brings a high level of experience to our program.

Hey Caleb, why did you want to join this program?

“To spread awareness about a worthy cause, especially in the Canadian Asian community”

Gloria Tiange Li (University of Toronto – St. George)

Gloria is in her second year of Public Accounting at UofT, which is where she heard about this program through the school’s Career Centre. Having never volunteered for OtherHalf, she decided to step forward and take this role without fear, but passion – to help others, and self-development.

“I think the previous experience as a volunteer at a local orphanage, and the leadership roles in student groups can help me further my communication, teamwork, promotion and organization skills”

Jane Jin Wang (University of Toronto – St. George)


Jane is post-graduate student, attending school to major in Nutritional Science and Psychology. After volunteering with OtherHalf during the summer, she stumbled upon the opportunity to be a Brand Ambassador when trying to reconnect with the coordinator!

Here’s what she had to say about her time with OtherHalf:

“I had wonderful experiences volunteering with OtherHalf this summer. It is a great place to improve my communication skills and meet new friends. The most important thing is I could put my health care related knowledge into practice. I would like to continue volunteering with OtherHalf to promote public health awareness and help out more people”

Erin Xie (University of Waterloo)

Erin has had a taste of OtherHalf as a volunteer and with her close relations to the other volunteers. She started back in 2009 at the Taste of Asia event.

“I have been trained the purpose, past, values, and future expectations of the organization as well as the stem cell donation process… With my skills, I believe I will co-operate well with the other bran ambassadors and not only raise awareness for the Chinese Stem Cell Initiative, but put in our best effort to increase the number in our donor base.”

Thanks for returning with your knowledge to further OtherHalf’s cause!

Lok-Hin Yuen (University of Waterloo)

Lok-Hin brings his biomedical sciences and networking expertise to our program as an executive of the Chinese Student Association at his school, bringing a good head-start to our outreaching, and he’s an experienced event promoter.

“If I have the ability to help others’ lives, there is no reason why I should not want to!”

That’s the spirit, Lok-Hin!

Andrew Chan (York University)

Andrew is in his fourth year of Biology at York University, and has volunteered with OtherHalf at events such as Night It Up, Taste of Asia and more. Andrew hopes to raise awareness of stem cell donation in the Chinese community and motivate more people on campus as well as off campus to participate or become a stem cell donor.

“My talkative skills will influence people on campus to participate and I will pass on my knowledge to them, so they will become donors, volunteers or ambassadors in the future.”

We appreciate the confidence, Andrew!

April Kong (York University)

April is a Biomedical Science student at York University, as well as a previous OtherHalf volunteer. She hopes to make people aware of the myths of stem cell donation and provide the truth, as well as inspiring the Chinese community to be more proactive about helping patients in need.

“I am enthusiastic, responsible, and self-motivated. Most importantly, I have the heart to help. Although I cannot be a donor myself, I can be an ambassador to raise awareness in my community.”

Grace Tran (York University)

Grace is a biology major from York University, who heard about our cause and program through her fellow Brand Ambassador and friend, April Kong. Her passion stems from a personal experience:

“Recently, a friend of mine from Asian descent was diagnosed with leukemia and so I believe recruiting more optimal donors is a great start in helping others”

Grace hopes that through drives and ongoing awareness events, she can make a better influence on the community, and help her friend.


Here’s to a wonderful, exciting school year!