Danny Ho

WGF9AkvixdEBHFj4hbmNLFt6rRyf2PXdn44Z4uG0jUs Danny Ho registered as a stem cell donor in 2011 and donated his stem cels the following year at the age of 25. Here’s Danny’s personal account on his journey to becoming a life-saving hero: ” I was shopping at the mall when I was approached to sign up as a potential donor at the OneMatch booth. It was such an easy process, all you had to do was swab inside your mouth and that was it. It took maybe 10 minutes of my time. I was really surprised when I received the call 2 months after from OneMatch that I was a match to a patient. After some testing to ensure I was the best match I proceeded to Princess Margaret Hospital where I was hooked up to a machine. One needle in one arm and another needle in another, as time went by I saw the bag slowly fill up with my stem cells. There wasn’t a lot in the bag but I know that it would help save a patient’s life. It didn’t hit me at the time, but something that simple could make a difference between someone living and dying. I would encourage more young men to register as we are the best candidates to help patients. It is an easy and painless process that could make a BIG difference to someone.”

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For News Coverage on Danny’s story, please visit:

http://metronews.ca/news/canada/1253105/one-mans-decision-to-become-a-stem-cell-donor/ (Metro News)

http://pulse.blood.ca/2014/07/a-simple-act/#.VLgs0bk5Ds1 (Pulse Magazine)



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